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    Bilingual Wedding Officiants  (English- Portuguese-Spanish)


Wedding Ceremony

The civil ceremony requires only the consent between the parts to be official.

All the other parts of the wedding ceremony can be personalized to reflect your  preferences, traditions and culture. You may add wedding enhancements ceremonies (or rituals) that I have listed or create your own.

 Language (one, bilingual or mixed)

Your ceremony may be officiated in one language or more. It means that you may select to have all in one language, in two languages or have only parts of the ceremony in two languages.  I am also open to co-celebrants, for languagues that I am not fluent.   It works very well and it is very special for the couple and the guests.

Tone (Romantic ,Spiritual or mixed)

Couples opt for civil ceremonies for many different reasons. Our ceremony gives the couple  the opportunity to celebrate with a more romantic ceremony or include blessings and prayers.  It is very accommodating for couples of different faiths or culture.


Personalized Ceremony - about 15-25 minutes.

Economic Ceremony - about 8/10 minutes.  


Short opening that may include relatives or friends that have passed or that could not be there. 

 Readings (Romantic or Spiritual)

 You may select a bible passage, poem or a short reading.  For couples of different faiths you may select a nutral reading or one from each of your faiths. It gives the opportunity to honor each other's diversity. 

Declaration of Intent


You may write your own vows and recite to each other. Write your own vows and I will read and you repeat after me. Repeat after me, and you many choose from many samples we have.

 Exchange of Rings

You may write your own and recite as you place the ring on your spouse?s finger. Repeat after me, and you may choose from many samples we have.



The Kiss