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WEDDING DATE: ______________         Ceremony Time : ___________PHOTOGRAPHY Arrival Time: ________

The agreement is executed on __________________ by and between Florida Weddings by Cecilia  (hereinafter called the "Celebrant"),  Peter Johnson Photography  ("Photography") : and ______________________________________

( Bride)& __________________________________(Groom) (Client):

Marriage License     A valid marriage license, if required, must be obtained by the couple and presented to the Celebrant prior to the start of the ceremony, if not a disclaimer will be read to the guests. If you already married a copy of the marriage certificate has to be presented prior to the ceremony.  Marriage license will be mailed by certified mail  back to the courthouse within the time allowed by law.  

Booking Fee  50%  booking fee is required to block date and time . Booking fee is not refundable. 

Payment.  The balance is due in cash or money order prior to the ceremony or by check 07 days before the date.

Reschedule -The booking fee is transferable pending calendar availability within 6 months of original date.

Tardiness If the ceremony starts more than 30 minutes late, the  Celebrant  may , at her discretion : a) Perform the original ceremony provided she has no other obligation the same day or a shorter version; b) Perform the ceremony at another date if more than 45 minutes delayed;  Photography: Shooting will begin at the scheduled agreed time. Hours contracted are continuous. If a delay by the Client prevents from the photographs desired by the Client, the Photography  will not be hold reliable. Depending on photographer availability Client may contract additional hours, paid in cash.

Exclusivity (Photography) Peter Johnson Photography  is the exclusive official photographer retained for the event.

Economic Package (Photography) Photographer will start his work 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony and 30 minutes photos of family or romantic shots It is the client responsibility to gather the family member for the photos Photography will not be responsible for missed images.

Cooperation  The Client agrees to cooperate and communicate for the achievement of the best results. Photography recommends that the Client designate an event guide to identify important individuals for photos.

House Rules: The Photography  is limited to the guidelines of the venue or/and church. The Client accepts the technical results of their imposition. Any mediation with 3rd party is the  Client's responsibility.

Limit of Liability  (Celebrant & Photography) : 1) In the event that the Celebrant and/or Photography  are unable to fulfill this agreement due to illness, hospitalization, accident, transportation breakdown or any other unforeseen causes, both all monies will be returned and the Client agrees that the Celebrant and/or Photography will not be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to non-performance of the services.  The Photography  will take all the equipment required to perform their duty; however, in the unlikely event that the photographs are lost stolen or destroyed for reasons beyond the Photographer?s control the liability is limited to the return of all payments received by the client. With this understanding the Client agrees and consents to release and indemnify Celebrant  & Photography from and against liability, claims, damages and actions arising directly or indirectly from Celebrant  & Photography services or location of the ceremony.

Force Majeure -"No Party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster); Celebrant & Photography  will not travel if a hurricane warning has been issued for her area of residence or/and the area of the ceremony.

Copyright & License to Print- Photography ? the Client has permission to reproduce, display, distribute and/or use the copyrighted photographic material (images) for personal use only. You may not distribute, duplicate and/or use copyrighted material for advertising and/or commercial use.  You may not edit, modify or create derivative works of the copyrighted material without citation to the originator of the material. The Client agrees to indemnify Photography for all damages and expenses that may incurred in the connection with the material.    

PHOTOS and COMMENTS (Optional)  Release for the use of photos taken during the wedding to be published on theCelebrant  & Photography website, marketing and other social networks, free of charge. The same courtesy is extended to the couple for photos of the Celebrant.

This agreement and any attachments constitute the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties. No other representation or promises have been made except those that are set out in this agreement.

If any part of the agreement is adjudged to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto agree to the terms and conditions as described above and have caused this Contract to be signed below. The use of a typed signature, or confirmation by e-mail. Constitutes your acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in person.

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               Bride                                                     Groom                          Celebrant &  Photography