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    Bilingual Wedding Officiant  (English- Portuguese-Spanish)  

Getting to know our team

Peter, Cecilia, Mylene and Lorena.

We are bilingual Officiants available to officiate your wedding ceremonies from Miami to Vero Beach. Orlando and other locations upon request.

Planning a wedding can be at times quite overwhelming. Our job is to release the couple of the stress of the ceremony. We start by meeting with the bride and groom in person, phone, Skype, Google +  or e-mail.  Together we will review each part of the ceremony.

We work hard to professionally deliver a  ceremony for each couple no matter the size or budget.

Cecilia - English - Portuguese - Spanish

Peter-    English 

Mylene- English - Porguese - Spanish

Lorena - English - Spanish 

 My carrer as a wedding officiant started long before Florida Weddings by Cecilia. I have been officiating wedding for over 13 years. Peter and I married over 35 years ago and we have 2 adult children and 2 granchildren. My niece was my first bride and I am happy to report that they have celebrated their 13th anniversary in February and they have 2 children.

After that I have married other relatives, friends and children of friends. Florida Weddings by Cecilia started in  2007. It was born from the fulfillment of creating a ceremon and having the honor of being part of each couple's history.  It was my  choice of a second carrier after leaving the corporate world. 

I officiated hundreds of wedding of couples from 50 different countries, several languages, religion and ethinicity. I may sound sentimental but I do feel touched every time I pronounce a couple husband and wife.