Bilingual Wedding Celebrant 


Getting to know OUR TEAM


Cecilia  (English-Portuguese-Spanish)

 Cecilia has been officiating bilingual wedding ceremonies in South Florida since 1998.  She was born in Sᾶo Paulo, Brazil from an Italian-Portuguese family.  She attended Law School in Brazil and worked as a paralegal for over 20 years in the US.  She is a paralegal, notary,  and non-denominational ordained celebrant.  She is married to Peter and together they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Cecilia says: “Florida Weddings by Cecilia was born from the fulfillment of creating a Personalized Ceremony and having the honor of being part of each couple’s history”. Cecilia will travel from Martin County to Miami Dade County.  Other places upon availability.

Peter  (English - Portuguese)

Peter started taking pictures of the weddings that Cecilia was officiating since 2006.  After Florida Weddings By Cecilia was born Peter and our son Dan decided to start Peter Johnson Photography.  Photography has been their  passion since they were  in college and for Peter it has become his full time work. Peter graduated from Wentworth College of Engineer, he is a notary and non-denominational ordained celebrant. He assists Cecilia when the couple prefer a male officiant, but his forte is photography.