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Name Change After the Wedding

After the wedding the notary will sent the marriage license back to the courthouse to be recorded.  It will take about 3-6 weeks for you to receive your marriage certificate back to the address you provided at the time of the application.  


If the woman decides to assume the husband's surname, or the husband his wife's surname, or the woman decides to hyphen their surnames it does not happen automatically.


Once you receive your marriage certificate the Social Security Administration should be among the first to know, so it can issue you a temporary  card with your existing social security and new name. The social security will also inform the Internal Revenue Service.


Print out a change of name form from the Social Security website (


Fill out the form after printing it out.

1.      Go to your local Social Security office. Take the completed form, marriage license, driver's license (or a valid photo identification) and Social Security card with you. You will be issued a temporary Social Security card.


2.    Go to your state's department of motor vehicles to change the name on your driver's license. Bring the temporary Social Security card, marriage license and current driver's license.


3. The Department of State needs to know to issue you a new passport with your new name.


Others who need to know about name changes include:

·                        U.S. Post Office

·                        Employer

·                        401k / Retirement plans

·                        Credit card companies

·                        Bank accounts / names on checkbook

·                        Mortgage

·                        Voter registration

·                        Doctor, dentist, HMO, medical records, heath-care proxy

·                        Health, life, auto, and home insurance policies

·                        Clubs

·                        Memberships

·                        Discount, courtesy, and frequent-flyer cards

·                        Utility companies (phone, cable, gas, electric, etc.)

·                        Legal Contracts

·                        Will (you may want to change the beneficiary to your spouse  

                           at the same time.


This is not a legal advise and the information may change without notice.